A Thank You Letter to the Plano Chamber Membership

Dear Plano Chamber of Commerce Members,

My amazing journey of leadership with the Plano Chamber of Commerce began in September 2010, when a group of board members met with me to extend an offer for employment. Little did I know what an adventure the next 8+ years would be. As I wrap up my final days here at the Plano Chamber, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to each of you and to the greater Plano community for an enriching, collaborative, and productive tenure.

Leading an organization through change is never an easy task; but with a board that empowered me and the entire Plano Chamber team, we were able to reinvigorate an organization that was facing difficult circumstances. The recession led to a drop in membership, and programming was not as relevant as it once was. We also experienced rapid growth across our business community as a result of several major relocations to our area. With growth came a new set of challenges—talent retention, traffic, and density, to name a few. Each time I went to the board with concerns that were facing our organization and the business community, they never shied away from confronting the issue and working to be the solution-provider to our growing membership.

Through it all, individual members and organizations stuck with us—with me—as we implemented new programs, a revised mission and program of work, a new dues structure, and hired new team members. I feel extremely grateful and humbled by the opportunity to represent such a distinguished organization and group of business professionals who truly care about their peers, their competitors, their neighbors, and their community.

As I set out for a new opportunity to serve the Plano community, I want to express my sincere gratitude to each member, board member, past leader, community stakeholder, and Plano Chamber employee who played a role in helping to create the 5-Star Accredited Plano Chamber that exists today. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this transformational time in our organization’s history. It has been an edifying experience and a cherished highlight of my career and professional journey.

With sincere appreciation,

Jamee Jolly