Taking Care of Business: An Intern Blog – Issue 3

As my internship at the Plano Chamber comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on the highlights and takeaways of what I experienced. Every time I walked through the glass doors of the Chamber, I was offered an opportunity to learn more about Plano’s businesses along with proper etiquette and professional workplace expectations. Events such as Business Interchange and Public Policy allowed me to meet the faces behind the local businesses where I shop and the movers and shakers of my city. Meeting the diverse Chamber members was definitely one of the best parts of my internship.

At the beginning of the summer, I had a pretty basic idea of what “business” meant, but over time my definition has transformed to become more detailed and in-depth. From what I have experienced, the business world is methodical with planning, impactful on its community, and purposeful with its constant innovation.

Not a lot of high schoolers can say that they spent their summer interning at their local Chamber of Commerce, which so happens to be one of the top Chambers in the nation. The people I met and all that I have learned will stay with me as I venture on into the next journey of my life: senior year of high school (dun dun duuun!).

Thank you to Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, Ms. Vicki Wait, Ms. Allison Venuto, and everyone at the Plano Mayor’s Program for granting high schoolers the possibility to not only develop the workforce skill-set they need for the future, but the opportunity to learn more about the City of Excellence. In addition, I could have easily been sitting at home on my computer this summer, but Cigna’s generous intern sponsorship made the transformation of my laptop to a cubicle possible.

Last, but not least, a big thank you to the Chamber staff for allowing a curious high schooler to attend their programs and work on meaningful projects. I can’t wait to apply all that I have learned towards my future goals.

The Chamber Staff with Extern Alice Micheal and Intern Supriya Anand
The Chamber Staff with Extern Alice Micheal and Intern Supriya Anand (Photo by Misty Hoyt)


Thank You Donuts!
Thank You Donuts!