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The Plano Chamber of Commerce serves as a steward to its Member Investors through its Public Policy Committee and Chamber Advocacy efforts. Supporting good government enhances the economic well-being of the community and its citizens. CLICK HERE to sign up to receive the monthly Public Policy newsletter (“Take 10”), featuring notable legislation, hearings, and bills or view past newsletters HERE.

Periodically, the Plano Chamber will issue resolutions regarding issues affecting our Members and Plano residents. Below are some of the issues that we are tracking, as well as priorities that have been identified at the state and local level.


May Bond Referendum

The Plano Chamber urges you to vote in favor of the 2019 City of Plano Bond Referendum.  The bond will allow the city to invest nearly $19 million in maintaining the city’s streets, almost $18 million in Parks & Recreation improvements, and just more than $8 million in necessary facility renovations to maintain our aging infrastructure. CLICK HERE for more information. RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF THE CITY OF PLANO’S MAY 4, 2019 BOND ELECTION

Collin Creek Mall Redevelopment

The Plano Chamber is proud to support the revitalization of the Collin Creek Mall as the project works its way through approvals at the City of Plano.  The $1 billion mixed-use project will provide a fresh new look and purpose for the aging mall, renewing its place as one of Plano’s many assets that enhances quality of life and amenities for our residents and attracts visitors from throughout the region. CLICK HERE for more information on the project.

2019 Legislative Priorities

The Plano Chamber works tirelessly to identify the issues of highest priority to our business community and to act on their behalf. View the Legislative Priorities for the 86th Texas Legislative Session for more details.


The Plano Chamber tracks key votes by Plano City Council that affects local businesses and residents.  CLICK HERE to see the most recent vote tracker.


The Plano Chamber supports the $750 million bond program as proposed and approved by the Collin County Commissioners as an important and necessary investment in the Collin County transportation system. The Plano Chamber encourages its members and Plano residents to vote in support of the bond on the November 2018 ballot.


2017 Legislative Scorecard

The Plano Chamber of Commerce is pleased to share with you our 2017 Legislative Scorecard. As part of our increased focus on advocacy, this legislative scorecard is meant to provide an overview of the select issues that we tracked this past session and the votes cast by the Plano delegation. The 85th Legislative Session contained many challenges as well as opportunities for the business community. We are proud of the progress made with the passage of legislation that will allow Collin College to offer four-year degrees in Nursing. We supported the passage of the Budget, which included funding for several of our legislative priorities, including the TEXAS Grant program and the Texas Enterprise Fund, both of which are vital components to continued economic development in our region. While substantive changes to the property tax system failed to make progress, we look forward to continuing to engage in the conversation around school finance reform as the newly-created commission studies the issue in the interim. Finally, we joined forces with numerous businesses and organizations in Plano and throughout Texas to actively advocate against discriminatory policies that would harm Texas’ reputation as a business-friendly state.


The Plano Chamber of Commerce has signed on to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s position statement in support of modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). NAFTA plays a vital role in the United States’ economy and it is no exception in Plano, TX. CLICK HERE to read the Chamber Federation Letter on NAFTA.


The Plano Chamber sent a letter to Congressional leadership in Washington, D.C. in support of the request by the U.S. Navy to add ten F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets.


The City of Plano has outlined six propositions in the bond package that are important for the City of Plano and its citizens, specifically in the areas of public safety facilities, street improvements, parks and recreation facilities, library facilities, and the preservation of the Collinwood House and historic structures. The Plano Chamber supports the objectives of this bond package and encourages its members to vote in favor on the May 6, 2017 municipal election ballot. PASSED


Collin College is committed to providing an exceptional education for its student. The passage of all propositions in the bond package is important for the further growth of Collin College, specifically in the construction of five facilities and a technical center that will partner with area K-12 districts to prepare students for high-wage, high-demand industries. The Plano Chamber supports the objectives of this bond package and encourages its members to vote in favor of the bond election. PASSED


The Plano Chamber sent a letter to the Senate Business & Commerce Committee in support of Senate Bill 1004, a measure necessary to ensure timely deployment of small cell communications technology in Texas. PASSED


The Plano Chamber sent a letter to Senator Van Taylor on February 6, 2017 opposing the original Senate Bill 1, which would remove nearly all special item funding for universities, including the University of Texas at Dallas and the Collin County Community College District. After multiple revisions, the Plano Chamber supported the bill prior to the final vote. PASSED


Plano Chamber Joins Lawsuit Against Overtime Ruling

The Plano Chamber of Commerce joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Association of Business, more than 40 other chambers of commerce throughout the state of Texas, plus other business organizations and sector-specific business groups in filing a lawsuit against the new Department of Labor overtime rule, which would have gone into effect December 1, 2016. STRUCK DOWN BY FEDERAL JUDGE ON SEPTEMBER 1, 2017.

Resolution in Support of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Cotton Belt Corridor

Collin County is projected to have a population of 1.2 million by the year 2030 and transportation infrastructure plays a vital role in addressing population growth. The Plano Chamber of Commerce supports the expedited development and revenue service of the Cotton Belt Corridor and strongly encourages DART to take all necessary actions to achieve this goal.

Resolution in Support of the Plano Independent School District’s May 7, 2016 Bond Election

The Plano business community depends on excellent schools and a well-prepared workforce. The proposed bond package will not raise tax rates for residents located within the Plano Independent School District. The Plano Chamber supports the objectives of this bond package and encourages its members to support the bond election. PASSED

Resolution in Support of H.R. 4466, The North Texas Reservoir Approval Act

H.R. 4466 would exempt the Lower Bois d’Arc Creek Reservoir Project from the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, thus allowing the permitting and construction on the reservoir to move forward while ensuring that water pumped from the reservoir will still comply with all state water quality regulations and all state and federal drinking regulations. The Plano Chamber of Commerce supports H.R. 4466 and encourages passage by the House and Senate.


Resolution in Support of Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan

The Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan seeks to ensure the City remains attractive and vibrant moving into the future while accommodating regional population growth and preserving the suburban character of the community. The Plano Chamber supports the principles outlined in the Plano Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan and encourages passage of the plan by the Plano City Council. PASSED

Call to Action – Reauthorization of Export-Import Bank of the U.S.

The Export-Import Bank supports U.S. exports by providing loan guarantees, insurance and financing for American goods and services sold abroad. Since 2012, the Bank has funded over $1 billion in exports for 111 companies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex; 84 of those were small businesses.

Resolution Addressing Discrimination in the Workplace

Attracting and maintaining a diverse workforce is important for job growth, business recruitment, and employee retention. The Plano Chamber supports a business environment that is inclusive and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Resolution in Support of a Constitutional Amendment for Increased State Funding for Transportation

The 84th Texas Legislature is proposing a constitutional amendment on the state ballot affecting the state’s roads, highways, and bridges. Proposition 7, drafted by legislators, would result in an estimated $3 billion per year for the state highway fund without adding any new or increased taxes, fees, or debt. The Plano Chamber supports Proposition 7 on the November 3, 2015 ballot and urges everyone to vote in favor.


Resolution Opposing EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations That Could Threaten Electricity Supplies and Increase Power Costs

Low cost and dependable electricity is essential to economic growth, business success, and the livelihood of Texans. The Plano Chamber opposes federal EPA greenhouse gas regulations that threaten continued power generation from existing coal-fired plants in Texas or restrict development of new coal-fired power plants.

Resolution in Support for Proposition 1

The 83rd Texas Legislature passed historic legislation proposing a constitutional amendment (Proposition 1) to be placed on the November 4, 2014 ballot. Proposition 1 increases funding for state roads, highways, and bridges and could result in an estimated $1.4 billion per year for the state highway fund. The Plano Chamber encourages our members and their employees to actively support the proposition.


Interested in further information? Please contact Jamee Jolly, President/CEO, at (972) 424-7547, ext. 222.

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