Call to Action – Support Smart Planning

The Plano Chamber has spent months reviewing the Envision Oak Point Plan, talking to business members located in that corridor, attending public sessions and Planning & Zoning meetings, and reviewing the document and changes made as a result of input. After thoughtful consideration, the Plano Chamber Board of Directors expressed support for the plan and we would like to encourage local citizens and business owners to support the plan, as well.

Envision Oak Point is a long-term, strategic plan to ensure that the inevitable development of that area is cohesive, in line with the existing and surrounding communities vision for green spaces, social hubs and recreation opportunities, and provides a variety of housing options for students, seniors, young families and more.  Projections show this plan will boost job growth in the area, allow opportunities for additional transportation hubs, and result in an overall positive economic impact of more than $5.6 billion.

Click Here to view the plan.

CALL TO ACTION: Please email your council members TODAY at and You can also sign a card of support and choose to speak, along with the Plano Chamber, at City Council on Monday, July 23rd at 7:00pm. Get there early in order to get a card in.  Talking points on the key highlights of the plan are provided to use in communicating with council.