Business Bulletin – August 3, 2020

In order to keep you informed on the evolving impact of COVID-19 on our local community, the Plano Chamber publishes updates as the Business Bulletin. We will share the top news items that you need to read to stay up-to-date on important health, community, and business issues as they develop.

August 3, 2020


  • Congress continues to negotiate over the next Coronavirus Relief bill, as the extra $600 a week in unemployment insurance expires.  Republicans and Democrats are at odds over the continuation of those payments and their size, as well as assistance to local governments to prevent mass layoffs and more.


  • A small bright spot:  Texas sales tax exceeded expectations in July, with numbers showing a 4.3% increase over July 2019 collections.  The Texas Comptroller has warned the legislature to expect a significant budget shortfall when they reconvene in January.
  • TEA advised school districts, following a letter of guidance from AG Ken Paxton, that a local public health official may not direct the closure of schools as a preemptive measure but only in response to a flareup or identified COVID cases.  State leadership also indicated that AG Paxton’s letter clarified that local school districts must be involved in the decisions of when to open and close schools.