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The dedicated Leadership Plano Board of Directors oversees the programs and plans of the class sessions and alumni events. The board is comprised of six members from each of the past three classes, elected by their classmates, who serve three year terms. The Chair-Elect of the Plano Chamber Board of Directors serves as a voting member of the board. Non-voting advisors include the Leadership Plano Program Director, Plano Chamber President/CEO, and the Immediate Past Chair of the Leadership Plano Board of Directors.

Leadership Plano Board Members

Chair – Jan Rugg (31)
Chair-Elect – 
Suzanne Drotman (32)
Secretary –
 Angie Sifferman (31)
Treasurer –
 Justin Roche (32)
Selection Chair – 
Lynda McDevitt (32)

Class 31
Mary Jacobs
Lori Simon-Roberts
John Sutton
Pamela Zeigler-Petty

Class 32
Suzanne Drotman
Marc Jennings
Shannon Kmak
Mariah Peltier

Class 33
Anjali Desai
Leanne Libby
Urshel Metcalf
Mardy Sackley
Susan Sutherland
Tom Venner

Jeff Beckley- Chair-Elect, Plano Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Advisors to the Board

Carole Greisdorf (11) – Program Director, Leadership Plano
Jamee Jolly (30) – President/CEO, Plano Chamber of Commerce
Jyo Pai (30) – Immediate Past Chair, Leadership Plano Board


For further information, contact Carole Greisdorf at (214) 697-2743.

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